FAIRY TALE VEHICLE - mobile hospital library

Charity initiative realised in cooperation with foundation „Serdecznik” – author of project Fairy tale vehicle which supports and develops book therapy in hospitals. Specially build and equipped vehicle thank to its mobility is able to reach every child’s bed. Functional and very happy project, designed by Marmorin Design Studio in cooperation with the foundation. Next to place for books and stories there is enough place for magic corners.

PEP PROGRAMME – cooperation with students

Tight cooperation with the University of Arts in Poznan. Our company again joined the Education-Project Programme which aims at alternative education methods preparing students for cooperation with client: producer, industry. Marmorin helps with own experience and know–how. In exchange we get energy and priceless fresh view.

“BATH IS HEALTHY.” Hygiene 1850 – 1950 – museum exhibition

The exhibition was presented between May and June 2013 in the Art Gallery of the Leszno District Museum. Most showpieces were owned by Ewa and Andrzej Woźniak from Krakow. The exhibition was completed with objects hired from Janusz Skrzypczak, a collector from Leszno and collection of Leszno District Museum. Visiting the exhibition we could take a trip back in the past and see how our ancestors managed the everyday activity of washing themselves. Marmorin sponsored the exhibition of contemporary bathroom equipment.